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10 Diet Cheats that are usually overlooked

Have you ever noticed that when some families walk together, they all seem so slim, whilst when other families walk together side by side, they are so overweight that you can barely see past them? There are many reasons as to why whole families are obese and others are slim, but one of the most interesting of those is environmental factors, which I would like to talk about today. If you are in an environment where it is inviting to eat a lot, then it is easy to become obese. On the other hand, if you are in surroundings where it is not inviting to eat too much, then it is easier to lose weight. Here are 10 diet cheats that are usually overlooked.

  1. Don’t have a television in front of the dining table. One of the common problems in obese people is that they begin to eat unconsciously. This is also known as mindless eating and it involves unknowingly eating more than initially intended. Eating and watching television at the same time is a behavior that encourages mindless eating. Therefore, turn off the television and take care to chew your food slowly. This will help you to eat less.
  2. Use smaller dishes. Research has found that the size of food utensils affects your intake amount. Larger dishes will trick your mind into thinking that you have less food to consume, and in turn, you will unknowingly eat less.
  3. Use chopsticks to eat. It has been found that using chopsticks will make you eat slower and therefore eat less. It also means that you will consume less oil and sauce than eating with a spoon and fork.
  4. No soft drinks in the fridge. If you intend to lose weight, then you must limit the amount of soft drinks, sugary drinks, concentrated juices and sweet tea drinks that you have in your fridge. These types of beverage are full of sugar and are the enemy of healthy living.
  5. No instant noodles in your pantry. Many people like to think that they should have them just in case of a flood or in times of need. In reality, however, this very rarely happens. What normally happens is that people get hungry late at night, can’t control themselves, and make some instant noodles to eat. The best way to prevent this is not to buy them in the first place. Then however hungry you get, there will be none for you to eat.
  6. Have fruit and vegetables in the fridge. Fruit or vegetables, like carrots and tomatoes, once refrigerated can be eaten as snacks for a healthy diet. Having fruit and vegetables in the fridge will mean that you eat more of them, and these are an immediate source of vitamins and fiber.
  7. Have basic sporting equipment at home such as a skipping rope, hula hoop or running shoes. This type of equipment is simple and cheap and you should have some of these items in your house. On days when the weather is nice, you can simply put on your running shoes and go for a walk or run near your home. You can also use the skipping rope to work up a sweat and burn some energy in a short space of time. Or even when you are watching TV shows, you can burn some calories by using the hula hoop.
  8. Keep a clean home. Regularly clean your home, such as sweeping, mopping and vacuuming the floors, or raking up the leaves outside. In addition to keeping your home nice and clean, these activities are a way to burn calories. So, if you have some spare time at home on a day off, you should get up and get into the habit of cleaning your home.
  9. Have rules for watching television. A lot of research has found that the number of hours sat watching television or on the computer, directly correlates with the risk of becoming obese. Becoming addicted to watching television and going to bed late will further increase the risk of becoming obese. You should therefore have rules at home for watching television, such as only watching for 2 hours a day.
  10. Have something to inspire you on the walls all over your home. Michelle Obama, the former First Lady of the United States, once said that losing weight starts in your mind. Put messages that encourage you to lose weight on your fridge, pantry and computer, and this will help inspire you to become healthy.

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