About CONNEX by Samitivej
CONNEX by Samitivej Membership Program begins with the concept of “Importance of leading a healthy lifestyle” as prevention is better than cure. The increasing medical cost and the increasing numbers of young generation suffering from the diseases make us realize the importance of good healthcare and regular health screening is one of the many ways of achieving good health.

CONNEDX by Samitivej is a membership program that meets the needs of different individuals, couples and families members. It also provides an innovative array of preventive diagnostic and is designed to assist health conscious individuals ascertain physical well-being.

CONEX by Samitivej Membership Program provides integrated solutions, combining insight into your healthcare needs.

The Samitivej group of hospitals provides excellence medical professional services supported by healthcare professionals and advanced technology. We are committed to improve the people’s health status through effective and efficient patient care.

Benefits of CONNEX by Samitivej Membership Program

  1. Cost effectiveness with greatest savings against the increase of the medical fees
  2. Commitment to healthy lifestyle with excellent quality of health Screening
  3. Dedicated with Samitivej group of hospitals health care provider
  4. Efficiency of the comprehensive health screening program
  5. Identify with the member s with potential health risk factors and to minimize risk
  6. Value Added Benefits, as members will enjoy special privileges from hospitals, affiliations, pharmacy discounts and etc

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