Virtual Flu Clinic

Virtual Flu Clinic

The Virtual Flu Clinic is an online service designed to help prevent and treat the flu by enabling you to consult one of our doctors via video call. Our service is convenient, fast, and eliminates the need to visit the hospital. The quicker you can diagnose and treat a flu infection, the less time you will spend unwell at home and the faster you can return to normality!

Which service most suits your needs?

1. Flu vaccine: suited to those wishing to make an appointment to receive their annual flu vaccine using our fast track service, which can eliminate waiting times at the hospital or be administered in your home.

2. “New Normal” in-home flu treatment: suited to those requiring urgent medical advice and medicine delivered to the home rather than at the hospital, this service is both fast and convenient.

1. Flu vaccine

  • Vaccine Fast Track

There’s no need to wait with the Samitivej “Vaccine Fast Track” service which offers you quick and easy access to vaccine for the flu.

Vaccine Fast Track Program Promotional Price (THB) From (THB)
Flu vaccine for children aged 10-15 years and adults 990* – first recipient 1,490
  900* – each additional adult recipient 1,490

Remark: *Price includes doctors’ fees and hospital service fees

Terms and conditions of service

  • All customers must attend an online medical consultation, scheduled in advance, prior to receiving the vaccination.
  • Available today through December 31, 2020

Click here if you would like more information about our Fast Track service or would like to schedule an appointment for a consultation and subsequent vaccination.

  • Vaccine @Home

With our Samitivej “Vaccine @Home” service you can now be vaccinated in the comfort of your own home. This service makes life much easier and more convenient by eliminating the need for you, your family or anyone caring your loved ones to visit the hospital. We can vaccinate all of you in just one visit.

Home vaccination programs (for those aged 15 and above)

Number of people Promotional Price (THB)
1 1,880*
2 2,600*
3 3,600*
4 4,600*
5 5,600*
6 6,600*
Each person beyond the 6th 900 THB each

Additional vaccines for children age 6 months-15 years: 790 THB/dose. Pediatrician visits to the home to conduct a health examination: doctor fees are an additional 800 THB for the first recipient and 500 THB for each additional recipient.


  • *Price includes initial doctor consultation fee and at-home service fee (1 family per visit) for nurse or medical staff to administer vaccinations.
  • All people who have been booked to receive vaccinations must be at the same address on the day of the service.
  • This service is only available in the Greater Bangkok area. Bookings must be made at least 1 day in advance and payments must be made prior to receiving the service.
  • This service is not applicable for pregnant women, those preparing to travel abroad, and those who consult regarding yellow fever vaccinations.
  • Available through December 31, 2020.

Steps to receive the service

  • You may attend a video call consultation if you are interested in receiving a vaccination in their home. Nursing staff will immediately transfer the call to a doctor if you require an appointment.
  • Once the consultation is complete, the nurse in charge will schedule an appointment for you to receive a vaccine at home.

Online Deals

Online deals
If you have already purchased a flu vaccine program through Lazada and you want to schedule your vaccine service, click here.

Click here to purchase a flu vaccine program.

2. “New Normal” in-home flu treatment

Should you experience flu-like symptoms, including high fever, cough, sneeze, runny nose, muscle fatigue and severe exhaustion, after having had contact with someone suffering from the flu, it is recommended that you seek a diagnosis as quickly as possible.

Speaking with a doctor about symptoms and reviewing possible contact with infected patients are crucial, as are self-monitoring of symptoms and informing our doctor of all necessary information. The faster a flu diagnosis can be performed, the quicker it can be properly treated. A rapid diagnosis and antiviral course of treatment that takes place within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms will result in the highest treatment efficacy.

The rapid treatment and relief of flu symptoms—including fever and runny nose—can decrease the risk of other complications such as pneumonia, breathing difficulties, and even loss of life. It can also reduce the likelihood of the virus being transmitted to others. Delayed medical attention can result in greater discomfort, a longer recovery time, and higher costs due to the longer recovery time.

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