Our Dedicated Team of Doctors

Samitivej Hospital’s committed, caring and highly trained doctors are at the core of our success. By bringing together some of the best medical specialists in the country, we have compiled a dedicated team with years of practical experience both in Thailand and abroad. No problem is too big or too small for our doctors to help.

Surgical Team

In addition to their impressive local credentials, the majority of the surgeons at our hospitals are accredited by the prestigious American Board of Surgery (ABS) or the European Board of Surgery Qualification (EBSQ). All have impressive track records and considerable experience in their respective specialities. From complicated, life-saving procedures such as organ transplants and cardiac surgery, to delicate esthetic procedures, our surgical team ensures that patients receive the most optimal treatment possible. Our surgeons are also skilled in a variety of minimally invasive procedures, all of which reduce recovery time and help our patients return home sooner.

Pediatric Team

Every parent wants the best for their child, which is why our pediatricians are there for each stage of their growth. From premium maternity services and neonatal care, to high-quality pediatric care, our doctors help make sure that each young patient experiences the JCI-accredited healthcare for which Samitivej is world-renowned. Our pediatric team includes a wide variety of specialists and surgeons who are experienced in all manner of health conditions. Whether a child needs a complex treatment such as a bone marrow transplant or a simple annual checkup, our doctors are there to provide.

Women’s Health Team

At Samitivej, women’s health has always been a top priority. We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to discuss certain subjects with male doctors, which is why we offer highly skilled female doctors capable of addressing a wide variety of health situations in all different stages of life. From reproductive health to breast cancer to everyday concerns, our women’s health team is ready to help.