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Hidden Sources of Sugar and How to Avoid Them
Posted: 23-Sep-2014
The Dangers of Sugar Consumption - Part 1
Posted: 23-Sep-2014
 It’s no secret that Bangkok loves sugar. Unlike the northern provinces, which often prefer a sour-spicy flavor palate, or the southern islands, which gravitate toward shrimp paste and other salty seasonings, the Thai capital is renowned for its sweet tooth.


Prevention of Pink Eye
Posted: 16-Sep-2014
Pink eye (conjunctivitis) is caused by a viral infection. It is not dangerous. However, if it is not promptly treated, bacterial infection can lead to vision damage.
Gluten-Free in Bangkok
Posted: 16-Sep-2014
           If your child is diagnosed with celiac disease, its imperative for their overall health and development that they avoid gluten in all forms. But doing so in Bangkok, where the concept is still a relatively new one, isn’t always easy. Here are some tips on how to cope and make sure that your gluten-intolerant child stays safe and well-fed.

How To Get Your Kids to Get Off the Couch and Start Being Active Part 3
Posted: 16-Sep-2014

Exercise doesn’t necessarily have to mean sports. Dance is a terrific activity for kids. Head to Dance in Bangkok ( where former professional dancers Yoona and Patrice have been teaching kids for the last 11 years.

A screen to protect against skin cancer
Posted: 12-Sep-2014
There is such a thing as too much of a good thing: too much sun exposure. How much is too much will depend on your skin complexion, number of moles, genetics, accumulated sun exposure, etc.
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