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How do you get your kids to stop craving candy? Offer them these surprisingly delicious low-sugar treats.
Posted: 09-Apr-2014
We’ve all heard plenty about the negative effects of too much sugar in children’s diets. Simple poly- and monosaccharides, like fructose, glucose and sucrose in most desserts, have sky-high glycemic index ratings.
Healthy Snacks for Kids
Posted: 08-Apr-2014
Parents often complain that their children will snack all day, then turn their nose up at more substantial offerings during mealtimes.
Common Summer Diseases
Posted: 07-Apr-2014
Bacteria grow best in hot and humid conditions during summer.  Food and waterborne disease outbreaks always occur at this time, threatening your summer vacation.     
Hysterectomy: The Causes of Losing the Uterus
Posted: 03-Apr-2014
You always have choices. Currently, there are other approaches that can save the uterus. If you wish to keep it, ask your doctor for other alternative treatment approaches.
Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC)
Posted: 02-Apr-2014
Should you have a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) or repeat c-section? What is the best decision for you and your baby? Dr. YaowalukRapeepattana has answer.
The Importance of Exercise (and Making it Fun)
Posted: 02-Apr-2014
Somewhere in all of the long discussions about the importance of maintaining a healthy body weight and improving cardiovascular health, we’ve made exercise into another chore. Going to the gym, while beneficial, can feel like just one more obligation and a waste of precious free time.
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