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Expert’s Talk : Chronic Abdominal Pain in Children
Posted: 18-Jul-2014
It usually occurs in children aged between 4-16 years and lasts longer than 3 months. The abdominal pain can be constant; or associated with eating or abnormal bowel habits.
Handling Chronic Back Pains
Posted: 16-Jul-2014
Many people think that back pain is nothing serious. Just take a pain killer, a little massage and it will go away, right? Well, that is only true temporarily. If they go back to their old habits, the pain will come back. Read more here of how to handling chronic back pain.
Cervical Cancer Can Be Prevented
Posted: 16-Jul-2014
The ugly truth is that cervical cancer is the second deadliest cancer right behind breast cancer. On average, 14 women die each day from cervical cancer. Although vaccines are available, most people are still unaware.
Attack Asthma Before It Attacks
Posted: 16-Jul-2014
Children of all ages and gender can develop asthma, which although is not a contagious disease, can be hereditary. Although asthma is a chronic disease, it can be controlled if treated properly.
When is a hip replacement necessary?
Posted: 16-Jul-2014
It is certainly true that not everyone with hip joint pain needs a hip replacement. Learn how to know when the time is right for you to have hip replacement surgery
Strong Heart, Beautiful Skin
Posted: 16-Jul-2014
Aerobic exercises stimulate the heart muscles to stretch during continuous routines. This cardio exercise does not only benefit the heart, but it is an important basis of healthy living.
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